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The Williams Family Papers Collection, PHA 2009-26.


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The Williams’ of Port Hope

It is well-known that the Williams family has a great legacy for Port Hope.  This has been the case almost since the arrival of John Tucker Williams in the early 19th century.


Our previous Archivist stated in an article (Northumberland Today): “both John and Arthur were actively involved with church, politics and education in Port Hope and Hope Township.  Arthur was involved with the establishment of the Midland Loan and Savings Co., the building of St. John’s Anglican Church on Pine Street, the Post Office that was on Queen Street, Union Cemetery, etc.”


For these reasons, and many more, it was like a dream for the archives in the Spring of 2009 to get information about the purchase of a collection of papers owned and created by the Williams family themselves.


A green tin box labelled “John Tucker Williams, Penryn” was discovered by Archives members while on ebay, and brought to the attention of then-Archivist.


The Archives is now the proud home of original materials created by the Williams Family themselves!

The top of the green tin box discovered on ebay containing the papers of the Williams’